Where to Buy

When looking to buy a Moped or Scooter online, there are lots of websites that offer bikes for sale but most often they are websites for the high streets bike shops and may not do delivery to your area, so you could end up having to drive miles to go and pick it up. Often you may not already have a license to drive it yet as you want to get the bike so that you can do your CBT or test rather than spend extra hiring. After all you have already decided you want to buy a bike and are keen to get one straight away.

We have selected the best places we’d recommended if you choose to buy online. These are listed below:

Diret Bikes – Direct Bikes offers delivery direct to your door and are safe to order online. We’ve had many happy customers buy using Direct Bikes and because of their good prices and quality service, this is why we feature most of there mopeds here on 50ccmoped.org.uk. They also offer great prices.

Amazon – Reputable for selling pretty much anything online but did you know they also sell a few mopeds

125cc Scooter – Another site dedicated for listing the best 125cc Scooter offers with a great range of 125cc Scooters. Also featured scooters from Direct Bikes UK.